Cleaning and selection of healthy grapes in the vineyards, adoption of organic wine protocols, domestic winemaking… all these are our ingredients for making the wines we love.

Organic and vegan wines

The winery is surrounded by our vineyards, ideal condition for immediately pressing the grapes and for preserving each varietal and territory typical aromas. The fermentation and aging are carried out by following the organic wine protocols. These protocols do not authorize the use of synthetic chemicals, invasive techniques and significantly reduce the sulphites use unlike conventional wines. 

Our wines are also vegan. This means that during winemaking we do not use oenological adjuvants of animal origin such as casein, albumin, gelatine that can also give problems to those who are allergic to milk proteins, eggs, fish or to vegans or vegetarians. 


The grapes are selected and cleaned in the field harvesting only the mature and healthy berries. The winemaking is personally conducted by Leonardo Losito and his son Giovanni – both graduated in Oenology – concluding their project started from the vineyards. It is fundamental for us to have our own vineyards and to cultivate them with our agronomical and oenological know-how. This allows us to work healthy grapes that do not need any corrections, additives or tricks. 

By doing prevention in the vineyards we can vinify the grapes with low intervention practices since most of the work was already done by nature thanks to the organic farming
. Our wines are the combination of family style and personal taste. In this way we reject homologation and we give to each wine the personality of each one of us, Leonardo, Giovanni and Aurelia. By doing this we also obtain wines that can be appreciated by different age groups, cultures and various consumption occasions. 

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