Our story

Our story begins between the 1950s and 1960s thanks to the intuition of the vine grower Giovanni Losito. During a visit in the Terre del Gargano – north Puglia – he saw there the potential of a land surrounded by sea, mountains, vast extension of fertile land and excellent climate for vine growing. So he decided to plant there new vines and moved with all his family from Rutigliano – province of Bari – to Foggia. Some years later his son Leonardo joined in with a degree in winemaking. It was too reductive for Leonardo to produce only grapes, so he built the first family winery in 1994. Only four years later in 1998 Leonardo made 

a choice driven by his sensitivity: to switch all his vineyards to the organic farming in order to get healthier grapes and wines. This happened decades before the public opinion raised awareness on organic farming. In 2012 also Leonardo’s sons – Giovanni and Aurelia – decided to follow their fathers’ footsteps. This is also the year in which it is built a new winery surrounded by the family vineyards. Giovanni Jr – winemaker – follows all the winemaking together with his father and the sales part, while Aurelia – sales & export manager – is in charge of the sales in Italy and export worldwide. Today the family owns 60 hectares between Terre del Gargano and Tavoliere delle Puglia from which it obtains its organic grapes. 

Territory and family style

Our commitment

Through our wines we want you to discover our territory’s features and our family style refined during three generations of viticulture and winemaking. We are fully engaged in doing this by personally cultivating our 60 hectares, by following the organic farming practices and by using low intervention winemaking techniques that respect the natural goodness of grapes.

Puglia qualities

Our credo

We believe that north Puglia has much to offer. It has an abundance of sun, fertile soil, good water and it is surrounded by sea and mountains. All these are essential elements to obtain high quality wines. In the past all these natural elements were exploited in order to obtain a production based on quantity, but now we are giving priority to quality given also the great territory potential. 

This is possible thanks to a combination of experience, education, research and sensitivity. Nonno Giovanni’s experience, his son Leonardo and nephew Giovanni’s Winemaking degrees, Aurelia’s degree in Languages and her search for new market opportunities for the family wines and last but not least, family’s environmental sensitivity in farming. 

Recognition and recognizability

Our dream

We dream of the redemption of Puglia wines in the world, unfortunately at present still very commonly seen as entry-level wines due to past socio-cultural elements. We would like to make our dream come true in our small way by channelling territory potentials into high quality organic wines. We dream of the recognition of Puglia wines among the great Italian wines. We will try pursuing our dream by doing constant agronomic and oenological improvements through study and experience handed down 

for three generations. We dream that the Puglia wines appreciation and recognition can become a reason for these wines to be chosen by the consumers given also the plenty of food pairing possibilities they offer. 

We will engage ourselves to enhance these wines’ original features through agronomic and oenological techniques by always respecting vines’ natural cycles and preserving original grapes’ aromas during winemaking. 

Our logo

Our trademark represents the panorama visible from our vineyards. In the upper part one can see the Gargano promontory profile that also reminds of a sea wave. This is a demonstration of the diversified territory in which are located our vineyards. In the remaining trademark body it can be seen the healthy and fertile land cut by our espalier vineyards, fruit of Losito family’s half-century work. 

Logo shape reminds of a wine glass, symbol of our engagement in putting all the above mentioned elements in every glass. To conclude, the shape also reminds of a shield that can become a cornerstone for Losito’s family and its future generations. 

The new payoff “Family Organic Wines” wants to strengthen Losito family tradition in the wine sector and the deep link it has to territory and nature that lead the family to choose the organic as the unique production system. Organic farming is a healthiness guarantee for the entire production process. 

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