To make organic farming, we make become ancient practices efficient through modern ones, experience and sensitivity.

Organic farming

In 1998 Leonardo made an important choice: to switch all his vineyards to certified organic farming. From that moment on, we use physical methods rather than chemical ones and biodegradable products deriving from organic sources produced by us. Moreover, we do not make systemic pesticide treatments on our vineyards, we do not use dangerous pesticides and we are constantly controlled by organic certification bodies. Today, the main techniques we use are:
  • Grape marcs fertilization: The aged marcs are fertile hummus for the soil. The grape marcs are made from organic grapes’ skin and seeds obtained from previous vintage pressed grapes. In this way we give back to the soil what it gave us.
  • Grassy meadow: it is a grass made from various types of plants that nourish the vine, protect the soil, preserve the water and take away the weed.
  • Sexual confusion: we do this in order to keep away the dangerous butterfly “Lobesia Botrana” without killing it. These butterflies pierce the grape berries making them unusable for us so we have to keep them away by putting in the vineyards some ribbons emitting male butterfly sex pheromons. 
  • Copper and sulphur: they were used already by the Ancient Romans in order to control fungal attacks. In contrast with our ancestors, we use technologies that allow us to use these elements in small quantities maximizing the efficiency and respecting the environment. 
Our engagement in keeping organic vineyards continues in the winery. Discover here how.
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